Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bridal and Beyond

Interestingly enough, I started this blog and I ran into an issue this weekend with Price Parity.

My wife took a trip out to Mississauga on Saturday to do some Bridesmaid Dress shopping. They found a really nice Dessy Style 2001 dress in Candy Apple Red. It turns out there was one in the store that was the perfect size, it was $99 and since the store had a no-tax sale on it would have been just that price or so the sales lady told her. They were impressed so they asked about prices for the other sizes, as they were custom orders, the lady said they would be $175 each. After my wife tried the one in the store on. The lady double checked an said they would be $239 each for the other ones. This large difference in price confused them so they decided they would look around and possibly return later. A simple web search for the dress showed that the dress was available on for $115 and since the dollars are equal that would be the price. Shipping would be under $40 so that would be $155 per dress shipped via UPS and that included insurance on delivery.
My wife's friend decided she would go with the dresses online for trhe other dresses so my wife and I drove back to Mississauga to get the one there as it was already the right size and you could not really beat $99.

Unfortunately, the sales agent was wrong about the sale too. It was only for items custom ordered as the snarky manager pointed out. So the $99 dress would cost $113.

I thought I would post this a someone looking for a bridal dress, has good prices an until the canadian bridal shops like this one adapt, I recommend boycotting them and shopping on houseofbrides to save you some cash.

If you have any examples of places not offering price parity or tips on places that are please email me at or post them on the wall of the facebook group.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Price Parity is a big issue. For the past year our dollar has been growing but the US products still have the CDN price listed way higher than it should. This is a good opportunity for us to fight back and get back some of that money they really shouldn't have. If we list the items that are not price parity and we look here before buying things, looking for alteratives, it will force them to lower the prices.

The big area where I see this is with books. If you know of items I look forward to hearing them. Please post them on the Facebook group at and I will add them to the blog.